Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tool #10:

Digital citizenship in this digital world is vital for students to learn as early as possible.  I would definitely begin teaching my fourth graders about this by using the BrainPop video.  They are very familiar with BrainPop, and I know it always grabs their attention.  From there, we will have a serious discussion about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable, based on their experiences and the tools at their fingertips.  This is also something that should be addressed with parents during Back to School Night and/or during conferences if we have any concerns.  Ideally, parents would use these same restrictions/guidelines at home to continue the safe use of the Internet.  Three of the things I would want to address ASAP with my students are:
*There is no such thing as words or emails being truly DELETED from the Internet, and they can always be tied back to you.
*No one has to be honest about their name, age, occupation, etc. on the Internet, so it is important to trust no one you don't already know face to face on the web
*The technology that SBISD provides our classrooms are for school purposes only and should not be mistreated.  There will be severe consequences for any misuse.

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