Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tool #8:

iPads and iPods in the classroom... who would've thoughts?!  There are so many potential uses for these two types of devices in our class, especially teaching math and science!  I can't wait to get started using them as teaching tools, and can see so many different possibilities.  From the camera tool (could be great to take pictures of scientific concepts such as weathering and erosion), to all the different math apps that are out there...the possibilities are endless!

Perhaps a little less exciting-but still incredibly useful- I was glad to learn that BHE also has netbooks.  We used these quite frequently for testing in Fairfax County, and they are such a nice, small alternative to the larger laptops, such as the teacher laptops.  These are great, kid-sized computers that are less expensive but still have all the basic bells and whistles as other computers.  I know we will get a ton of use out of them this year.

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