Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tool #11:

Though I was honestly not excited about the 11Tools tasks, I can say that I have learned a ton!  All of the links and applications I used as a part of this project have provided me to tools that I will honestly use in my classroom.  It was a great opportunity to have my eyes opened to all the educational benefits of the Internet, and I now have several ideas for great centers to use during my math and science classes.  I love that the format of this project is a blog, because I know that now I can't lose all the great links that I saved and used as a part of the tool tasks.

Learning about all of these various websites and games has completely transformed my teaching mind.  There are so many possibilities for use by early finishers as well as struggling students, and that will allow the learning to never take a break.  I will be able to address the various needs of all of my students, and will not feel as stretched thin as I usually do throughout the day.  

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  1. Great job on your 11 Tools! I can tell you put some thought into your tools! I am anxious for you to try out some of your ideas! Let me know how I can help you!